Cranberry  Moscow Mule is the perfect holiday cocktail recipe!  Easy to put  together, easy to tweak, fun to drink and so delicious!

So beautiful and festive!

Easy to customize and to make it non-alcoholic that makes it perfect for holiday entertaining.


ice ginger beer lime juice cranberry juice vodka cranberries, lime slices, rosemary stalks to decorate

Use store-bough or homemade ginger beer

Cranberries or lingonberries

Serve the cocktail in copper mugs to keep it cold longer

- Fill your copper mug with ice. - Pour ginger  beer until the mug is half full. - Add lime juice, cranberry juice and vodka.  - Stir and garnish with lime slices, rosemary stalks and fresh cranberries.

How to make it alcohol-free?

Skip the alcohol or use apple cider instead of vodka.

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