Georgian Spice Mix

Khmeli suneli, also known as Georgian five spice, is a savory seasoning mix that is at once spicy, aromatic and nutty.

Its aroma and taste make it suitable for almost any dish: – sauces (such as Georgian plum sauce – tkemali), – salads, – soups, – stews, – savory pastry, – rice, – beans, – pickled vegetables, – marinades – Georgian appetizers.


Khmeli suneli is a mixture of: – ground fenugreek seeds, – coriander, – dill, – dried celery, – parsley, – basil, – summer savory – black peppercorns.

Combine all the ingredients

Store chmeli suneli in an airtight glass jar and keep away from sunlight and heat. It will last for up to 6 months until the flavors start to fade.


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