Russian Grandma's

Try these  pickled tomatoes: healthy, delicious and super easy to make.  A flavorful and refreshing appetizer or snack made in only 30 minutes that will keep for months on the shelf.

These homemade pickled tomatoes are nothing like pickled tomatoes you buy in a shop.  The key agent in Russian pickles is salt and not vinegar and that’s what makes them special.

Homemade pickles have significant health benefits:   they enhance the vitamin and enzyme content of vegetables being pickled as well as improve the digestibility of the food you eat along with it!  It makes them perfect for holiday meals when you eat a lot of heavy food.


– Tomatoes – Dill (with umbrellas) – Scallions – Bay leaves – Parsley – Oak leaves (to keep the tomatoes from splitting) – Sliced garlic – Black pepper – Coarse sea salt – Sugar – White wine vinegar (optional)

Herbs for pickling

Choose fresh, ripe tomatoes that aren’t too hard. The best type of tomatoes are Roma tomatoes or cherry tomatoes.

Sterilize jars

Make the brine

Pour it over tomatoes layered with herbs in jars

Let cool slowly

They are ready after one week

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