Vegan Cannelloni

Vegan Cannelloni

with Asparagus

Enjoy a delicious vegan cannelloni recipe featuring asparagus wrapped in lasagna sheets and baked with creamy vegan béchamel sauce, and a sprinkle of vegan parmesan

Perfect for a delightful spring dinner!


– 4 lasagna sheets – a pinch of  salt – 16 spears  asparagus – 1 batch vegan béchamel (tap on the link below for the recipe) – 1/2 batch vegan parmesan (tap on the link below for the recipe) – 4 tablespoons micro greens to garnish

How to make it?

Make vegan bechamel

Make vegan parmesan

In  a medium pot, boil water, add oil and salt and cook lasagna sheets for 5  minutes. Place on a kitchen towel in a single layer.

Trim the ends of asparagus spears. Blanche asparagus for 5 minutes in boiling water,keeping the heads above the water not to overcook them.

Assemble the rollups. Take a lasagna  sheet, put 4 asparagus spears on it and wrap. Transfer to a baking dish.  Repeat with the rest of asparagus.

Pour the sauce on top and sprinkle with vegan parmesan. Bake for 20 minutes until golden brown.

Sprinkle with micro greens or garden cress

Tap the link to see the full recipe