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This easy vegan ramen is made with pan-fried spicy tofu, rice noodles, sautéed veggies completed with a sensational shiitake miso broth.

How to Make Vegan Ramen


For the broth: – vegetable oil – yellow onion – ginger – hot pepper – garlic – vegetable stock – dried shiitake – kombu – almond milk – mirin – tamari or soy sauce – dark miso paste

For the pan-seared tofu – tofu – tamari or soy sauce – vegetable oil for frying – sriracha – white and black sesame seeds

For ramen – rice noodles – vegetable oil for frying – bok choy – carrots – shiitake – baby spinach


Garnishes – scallions – hot chili pepper – white and black sesame seeds – sesame oil

1. Break dried shiitake

2. Sautee aromatics

3. Add stock, shiitake and kombu and simmer

4. Remove kombu

5. Add almond milk, mirin, miso

6. Blend until smooth

Transfer to the pot

7. Fry tofu

8. Add marinade

Cook until crispy

9. Prep the veggies and noodles

10. Assemble the bowls

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And enjoy!