Green harissa sauce is a flavorful spicy condiment, used for  roasted vegetables, any kind of protein, salads, bowls or soups. This harissa recipe is a great addition to any meal that you want to add some heat to.

How to Use Green Harissa Add it to:  - hummus,  - buddha bowls,  - pita pockets - eggs - casseroles,   - veggie burgers, - roasted vegetables,  - falafel,  - rice,  - lentils,  - couscous dishes, - pasta. Use green harissa as a dip, marinade, salad dressing or bread spread.


- mint - cilantro - parsley - garlic - chili peppers - coriander - cumin - salt - black pepper - lemon - olive oil

Remove stems from herbs

Gather ingredients in a bowl of a food processor

Pulse until smooth

Adjust the consistency by adding more olive oil or a bit of water.

Use it as a dip, marinade, salad dressing or bread spread.  Add it to hummus, buddha bowls, pita pockets, eggs, casseroles,  veggie burgers, roasted vegetables, falafel, rice, lentils, couscous dishes or pasta.

Store harissa in the airtight jar in the coldest part of your fridge for up to one month. Cover the top of a jar with a layer of olive oil to keep it fresh.

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