The only Vegan Pesto recipe you'll ever need!  This delicious, cheesy and healthy sauce contains 5 ingredients and only takes 5 minutes to make.  Serve it with pasta, bread, grilled vegetables or potatoes. 

This pesto is: – Creamy; – Delicious; – Versatile; – Cheesy (!); – Freezable (perfect for meal prep); – Healthy; – Nutritious; – Gluten-free and dairy-free; – Easy and quick to make.

 Here are some of the ways to use this vegan pesto: 1. Vegan pesto pasta; 2. Bread spread; 3. Dip; 4. Pizza sauce; 5. Soups; 6. Salad dressing; 7. Cauliflower rice; 8. Normal rice; 9. Sandwiches and burgers; 10. Baked potatoes; 11. Zucchini noodles; 12. Roasted vegetables; 13. Bake it into bread.


– Basil; –Macadamia nuts; – Nutritional yeast; – Olive oil; – Salt – Black pepper.

Add to the blender

Blend until smooth

Enjoy with pasta

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