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How To Cook Without a Recipe

Cooking concept with food ingredients and blank space in the middleIn this FREE E-book I share information about:
• How to cook without relying on recipes?
• How to improve your cooking using a simple flavor formula?
• How to combine different tastes to make your dish more flavorful?
• What it takes to create a harmony of flavor in a dish?
• How to simply enhance the flavor of a dish?
• What factors influence the perception of taste?

My hope is to help you improvise in the kitchen and create mouth-watering dishes on your own without being dependent on recipes. The concept presented in this book is for you to develop your own recipes and impress your family and friends.

Learn about taste, texture, smell and appearance and apply this to your everyday cooking. Become a creative chef in your own kitchen! Get this E-book for free together with the weekly e-mail subscription to my blog! Be inspired by delicious, healthy and easy seasonal recipes!

Download my free E-book and start creating your own recipes from scratch!


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