I’d love to work with you! Happy Kitchen.Rocks is PR-friendly and available for:

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are a great way for companies to gain exposure and brand recognition. If you would like to me to write a personalized sponsored post for you, please email me at elena@happykitchen.rocks to discuss fees and details.

Product Reviews and Giveaways

I am happy to do honest product reviews as long as the product corresponds to the theme of my site. I will gladly accept food, beverages, cookbooks, kitchen products and tools. If your product is none of the above but you feel like it’s a good fit, please contact me at elena@happykitchen.rooks with the details.
I will share your product on all of my social channels, tag your company and include a photo of the product. I will only review product that I think is a good fit for my readers. If I dislike the product, I will let you know, and will not write a negative review.
I would like to try the product before promoting it and would request extra products to share with my readers in the form of a giveaway.

Recipe Development, Photography and Styling

I do recipe development upon request. If your company would like me to create a unique recipe that represents your brand/product/restaurant, please contact me at elena@happykitchen.rocks to discuss fees and details. Please, take into account that I am based in Hamburg, Germany at the moment. I’m willing to travel upon request and for an additional compensation.

Freelance Writing

I do more than just casual writing for my website. If you are looking for a unique article to represent your company, magazine, or online publication, you can hire me as creative voice for your company. For examples of my previous work, check my content creator profile on MODE. Please contact me at elena@happykitchen.rocks for fees and details.

Guest Posts

I would consider accepting quality guest posts from other bloggers. For details, email me at elena@happykitchen.rocks and let me know your ideas.

Contact Information

Email: elena@happykitchen.rocks